Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Daylight savings time: suck it.

DST has fucked my baby's sleep all up. He's awake RIGHT NOW. Just you go look at the post time on this. I'll wait.

That's right. 9 pee em. He's been going to bed later and later ever since the time changed (and, you know, it's still BROAD DAYLIGHT OUTSIDE when he's supposed to be in bed.)

Will he ever get back to normal and go to bed at 6:30? I wore him around the house for TWO HOURS tonight. On the sunny side, the house is cleaner than it's been in weeks! And there's soup cooking! Because he won't let me stand still while I'm wearing him!

I kind of count on that 6:30 bedtime. That's when I get the majority of my work done.



Blogger Rebecca said...

I'm with Archie; I hate daylight savings time, too. I'm still mad at Reagon moving it up to April back in '86, but this is ridiculous!

5:30 AM  
Anonymous MaryP said...

You might try: waking him earlier in the morning, and shifting his whole day, naps and all, the same interval. Usually, 15 or 20 minute intervals are suggested when you time-shift someone.

And blackout blinds on the windows in his room. Or tack a dark blanket. Something to get rid of all that %&$# light. (In the morning, you remove it!)

4:58 AM  

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