Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Oh my god, I actually made dinner. (And my husband has a gig tonight, so he missed it all!) And also it was good, and healthy. (Mostly.)

I made Kickpleat's red beans and rice, which were quick and AWESOME! Something actually smelled like sausage when I was stirring in the beans etc. (I think it must have been the salsa - I used a homemade chipotle salsa, and maybe the chipotle smoky smell had a sausage vibe going on?) GOOD. (And only 9 points per serving, if you're weight watchering! (1 cup each of beans mixture and rice.)

And then I made coconut-mango rice pudding. And I'm eating it right now. And it's effing good.

I used a cup of the brown rice from dinner and sauteed it in coconut cream (which is DELICIOUS - I could have eaten the can with a spoon!) for a while and then added a chopped fresh mango.

Good. Try it.


Blogger Brilynn said...

Chocolate definitely makes blueberry pie better, but thanks for playing!

6:04 PM  

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