Sunday, January 21, 2007

I won something!!

Dudes! I totally won a cruise! And not the rip-off kind where you end up having to pay a bunch of money - a REAL PRIZE THAT'S TOTALLY FOR FREE!

It's a 6 day 5 night cruise all included (including pina coladas!) in March from Ft. Lauderdale to Mexico!

Here's the trouble: the babe is breastfed, and as of right now the rules are that the prize winner (me!) and guest (husband) have to be 21. Well, we totally are - but they don't think Monkey can tag along for free as he didn't win. So...I have to talk to the Director of Marketing at Harris Teeter (my grocery store! I didn't even enter on purpose - I just bought groceries and got entered automatically!) and see what we can do - but the guy at the prize question line said that I'm not the first one to ask about I'm crossing my fingers.

We never had a honeymoon, and this would be SO TOTALLY RAD.

Now must study more! Monkey is asleep (yay for sleep!)


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