Tuesday, January 02, 2007

First laugh!

He laughed out loud this morning on the changing table (luckily the baby monitor was on so daddy heard it too) - and then again when we were back in bed playing this morning. But he won't do it on command (like when the camera's on, for example.)

He's been sort of half giggling/chuckling for about 2 weeks, building up to it - but the real thing is amazing to hear.

We're going to have Cook's Illustrated French Toast from Lindsey's Luscious for brekkie this morning. (It had never even occurred to me to put flour in the batter - what a great idea!) And I have about half a loaf of homemade challah to use for the base, and some homemade anapestic turkey sausage in the freezer, too.

Shit, we're going to have to join Weight Watchers after this holiday season and baby-making year. Breastfeeding is NOT the magic liposuction tool they tell you it is.


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