Sunday, December 31, 2006

Well, everything turned out good EXCEPT the french toast. It was kind of dry on top and kind of slimy on the bottom. All the men SAID they liked it, but I think they must have been lying - it was kind of gross to me. The grits were good but plain (more cheese! more cayenne!) The hit for me was the bread pudding with the leeks and gruyere/fontina mix - YUM. And also the coffeecake was fabulous. The grapefruit curd was really good but too sweet - I'd cut the sugar some next time. (Maybe by 1/4 or 1/3?) And the challah was a fine base for the bread pudding, but it's a little cottony and sweet and one-dimensional for my taste. The one from the Silver Palate cookbook is way better.

The babies were SO CUTE together - Oliver got into A's doorway jumper and entertained himself (and us) for about 30 minutes - and when he first got here he reached out and grabbed at A, trying to touch him and hug him. It was ADORABLE. (I'm too old school for all this bold and italic bullshit - I use caps, y'all.)

Anyway, don't make the french toast, but make everything else. And do me a favor - make some fruit salad or something. I realized this morning that EVERY THING I MADE was bready or baked in some way!!


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