Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Almost Christmas!!

We're ready around heah. We have the 1960s-looking LIME green tinsel tree (think the trees that Lucy wanted Charlie Brown to buy and you'll get the picture) and the delish eggnog from Seriously Good and the presents under the tree.

You foodies out there will swoon to know that I am getting a 14 inch (or bigger? Maybe 16? That mug is HUGE) cast iron skillet AND...wait for it...a KitchenAid PRO5!!! I am going to pass on the old Classic that has served me so well to someone else with small batches of aforementioned eggnog and single loaves of bread and small cakes to make and I am going to cook in quantity! And style! (Next on my list is the KA pasta roller attachment - and I can only imagine what short work that 450 watt motor will make of those sheets of egg dough!)

But I'm not sure how much cooking/posting I'm going to be getting done this coming semester (you know, I might have to back off the punishing posting pace i've been keeping up lately) since I'll be taking 2 classes and teaching one AND mom-ing a 4-5-6 month old! And indulging my neurosis about trying to keep the drifts of dog hair off the floor and the dishes and diapers washed, of course.

NO recipes! NO photos! NOT today!


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