Thursday, December 07, 2006

Whoa, hey, I still suck!

Yeah, remember I said I was totally going to come back and post some more? I didn't! But I keep meaning to, but the baby keeps me busy (even though he's a really good little monkey.) And the LAUNDRY - my GOD, babies make a lot of laundry! (Cloth diapers, yo. I do a load every day. He's a little pooper.)

Um, so that's what I've been doing. The laundry.

I really want a good blog client for the Mac - I tried ecto (that everyone raves about) but I couldn't even get that mug to connect to my blogger account. So that's kind of a bust. And the one I was using seems to have come unsupported - they don't make it any more, and the website's gone.

I'm totally in the Christmas spirit! I'm done shopping! (Not done wrapping yet.) And the decorations are down (from the attic) but not up (on the tree and in the house.) And I'm making cookies on Saturday with some friends! (I'm trying Ivonne's rugelach recipe from Cream Puffs in Venice.) It's cold and windy here, and I'm watching The Grinch steal Christmas, and contemplating the undecorated Charlie Brown-like sad little droopy tree (it's a potted Japanese cedar or some such since we can't afford one a them $90 Fraser firs at the Christmas tree lot, so it only holds like 5 ornaments without wilting completely - but it's the thought that counts, along with the lights.) And drinking hot apple cider. The baby is asleep (he's a good sleeper!) and as usual I should be working on something else (though I essentially took the semester off - I'm RAing for a professor instead of teaching, and I'm not taking any classes) (next semester there will be hell to pay though - 2 seminars and teaching 1 class WHILE starting to study for exams!!) and I'm not. Whew. That was a lot of parentheticals. (My first drafts are ALWAYS more syntactically complicated than my final ones!)

So...that's what's up.

I'm making carbonara for dinner later, except for maybe without the cream - I think I'm going to go for the egg/bacon version, not the cream/parm/bacon version. The baby seems to have some sort of dairy intolerance, and when I eat much dairy (it used to be ANY dairy - I've been eating SOY CHEESE, y'all, and that shit is no good, and also it makes you fart like you wouldn't believe. Not that I fart, or anything. But I've heard.) ANYWAY, when I eat dairy he gets miserable and farty and screamy at 3 am (always at 3 am) so...I never thought I would say this...but it's not worth it.

I am going to eat SO MUCH CHEESE when he's weaned (or when his gut matures some, whichever.)



Blogger Tammy said...

That you can even form a sentence, never mind write it down, at month 3 means you're WAY ahead of the game. And my new hero.

I shall be visiting again!

8:12 PM  

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