Sunday, June 03, 2007

Oh my god, go make this now.

I made this Mediterranean Eggplant, Barley, and Mint Salad of Deb's and, while it may not sound like much, it's fucking awesome. You should go make it right now. (No pictures, as we ate it all hunched over the bowl like, immediately.)

I'm not going to retype it as we made it with no changes and it was perfection.

Pizza tonight. Plain old Greek pizza with feta, sauteed spinach, fresh tomatoes, oregano, olive oil. And then cream cheese cherry brownies.

It's been rainy all day today (my grass and scrawny plants thank you, rain gods) and we've spent most of the day reading books - some to ourselves, lots to Archie (we even went to Barnes and Noble and got a few more good ones: Good Dog Carl and Goodnight Gorilla.) We had a nice long walk in the soft drizzle this morning and it smelled so green and earthy - things have been really dry here, and it smelled like the mountains used to when I lived there. Lovely day. Deserves brownies.


Blogger Mama Monster said...

We LOVE Good Dog Carl. Gus and Zosia were reading it together just the other day and Gus noticed outloud: This book doesn't have words.

8:02 AM  
Anonymous MaryP said...

Will have to try that recipe. I love eggplant. I love mint. I love the Mediterranean. (Well, I'm sure I would, if I ever manage to get there...)

3:09 PM  

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