Monday, June 04, 2007

Good new, bad news on baby sleep front

So, the bad news is, his teeth have GOT to pop through soon. His gums have huge hard lumps on them and he's clearly in pain/crabby/awakening every 45 minutes at night if he's not doped up with Motrin. (We should have bought stock in that stuff - and thank you, Motrin people, for making a non-FDC red no. 5 version of it! It's not like he's choosing the medicine based on its delicious neon glow - he's a BABY! We squirt it into his mouth! He doesn't need the extra dyes! I'm looking at you, Infant Tylenol!)

But the good news is, he doesn't want to nurse to sleep nearly as much now. He'll nurse for a while, then pop himself off and lay there in my lap or in the bed beside me till he falls asleep. That's a good step, isn't it, sleep gurus?

The OTHER bad news is that I totally don't feel like cooking, so the husband is making something with a cream sauce (his decision, clearly. All i really want is frozen yogurt. Does that mean I'm pregnant again? I craved TCBY the WHOLE time I was pregnant.) So anyway, no recipes. Just baby sleep news.


Blogger Mama Monster said...

Yum TCBY. We don't have that. I always craved lemonade when I was pregnant. Are you pregnant?
Gus won't take medicine. Zosia would eat it like candy if we let her. He HATES medicine in any form and even as a tiny baby, it was impossible to get it in any reliable quantity into his little body.
It's good that he's in a good sleep phase. Don't expect it to last. Just when you think you've figured them out... they do something different.

Welcome, teeth!

Here's a question for you:
How has the internet affected your parenting?
I'm writing a paper, so be insightful.

7:26 AM  
Blogger tammy said...

Down with Infant Tylenol. Yay for Motrin.

5:16 PM  

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