Monday, October 24, 2005


Back from Nags Head, and the week from hell stretches before me. We spent a LOT of money at the beach (mainly on boarding the dogs! it was $250!!) and now we're going to scrimp even more than normal to make up for it - plus Christmas is coming soon.

So, I volunteered my James paper for the new writing group thing on Friday, which is really funny, because I've written exactly 1 page of it. But i have to send it out on Monday anyway, and I figure I'll get good feedback, and also I want to give myself ANOTHER artificial deadline. (I love artificial deadlines.)

The cat was so lonely while we were gone - he won't leave us alone now. he's trying to sneak up and cuddle with Robert, who's trying to finish his book and keeps pushing him away. last night I had to literally kick him out from between my legs in order to turn over. Pitiful kitty.

Hey, I guess I should probably get to work there instead of fucking around on the interweb.


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