Friday, October 14, 2005

Not sick - not yet, at least.

I *was* getting sick, and R has been miserably sick (thanks to my students and his mom, he was irresistably bombarded by germs.) But I didn't get sick! I found this medicine called "Airborne" that's a fizzy tablet with vitamins and herbs and stuff that you dissolve in water and drink, and I also drank a shitload of water, and didn't eat sugar or dairy, and took a couple of easy little walks (to and from farther bus stops) and all is well!

I'm reading about Emerson. I'm not sure what I think of him, to be honest - he's very unsettling (and I think he would like that.) So epigrammatic - it's hard to keep yourself from underlining every sentence - in that he's very Carlylean. But there are moments (especially in "Self-Reliance" when the universality of the divine principle threatens to tip over into borderline sociopathy, the imposition of the ascendant self on the other. But he has a beautiful rhythm to his prose that is so Whitman-like - it's poetic (I guess it's the full, round phrasing of preaching, actually - those sort of rolling rhythms that MLK had.) (Although apparently he preached from a written text, not extempore.)

I'm not sick, but I sure do have to pee a lot from all that water.


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