Friday, October 07, 2005

Robotic maid.

Okay, so it's worth it. I've made a couple different things in it so far - regular white bread was meh, a little dry, a little tough maybe. The whole wheat bread (100%) that R tried to make for his parents didn't rise, but there were other factors in play (he left it in there overnight before mixing it, so maybe....something bad happened.)

But today - ah, today. Made buttermilk bread and is it ever tender and good! Used the new Costco flour, which may have been part of it, but I think that the acid in the buttermilk had more to do with it. Note to self: add vinegar or lemon to dough from now on, or the dough conditioner that's taking up space in the fridge.

Yesterday the washing machine was going, the dishwasher was going, and the bread machine was cranking away as I sat in luxurious splendor on the couch and listened to the machines doing my bidding. I felt like I lived in a Jetson house. Now I just need a robotic maid to mop the floors.


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