Wednesday, September 21, 2005

the office

there's a crabmeat quiche in the oven (lard and butter pastry prebaked in a deep souffle dish; filling of mushrooms [nearly past their prime] sliced and sauteed with shallots and a little white wine and a touch of cayenne, then about 1/3 cup cream, stirred into 8 oz [!] cream cheese and a whole bunch of raw scallions, green and white, chopped, and also 6 beated eggs.) Baking right now, smells delish. Perhaps we should have a salad to lighten things up? nah.

and wine. on number 2 so far, and our thrift store wine glasses are BIG. i feel better already. (don't forget i got up at 5 and was on the bus by 8 and didn't get home till 6 - so i deserve it, yes i do.)

notice that capitals fall by the wayside as the wine kicks in. also, i'm wearing a bandanna to keep my infinitely ANNOYING bangs out of my face.

the office is still very, very funny. i didn't *really* forget, but i forgot the extent of the funny. i'm married-may i still have a little crush on tim? cause i do.

enough. (except my little paper in the James seminar got an underlined GOOD and some comments about good writing and stuff, yay. you'd never know it from here. i love that guy.)

now, enough.


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