Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A title.

Umph. Realized at 5 till 10:00 this morning that my chosen bus came at 10:15. So I had to showerbrushmyteethwashmyfaceshavemylegsgetdressedpackmybagsandGO really, really, fast. And I made it to the bus stop on the bing! of time, and then the bus was late.

And my flipflops gave me a blister, so I got off downtown and went and bought this new kind of bandaid just for blisters, and I have to say, I highly recommend them. They're all smooth and sleekety and they let the offending shoes slip right over the ouchy place instead of getting all rucked up and falling off, like normal bandaids. But of course, they're also 4.49 for 5 of them. So you make up your own mind about that.

Last night I made chicken vindaloo, which was very good, and not as spicy as one would think, although there was a fair amount of noseblowing. I've never made Indian food before, and I've never even really eaten Indian food before, but Robert says it was authentic and delish, and I concur on the delish part, at least. With brown (!) rice and plain whole milk yogurt. Nummers.

Grading papers. It's no fun. Well, it's a little fun. (you can be arbitrary if you WANT to, so you feel all virtuous that you're being fair even though you so hate that one kid.) I should be done with them by tomorrow's class.



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