Thursday, September 08, 2005

New resolutions

Now that I have a magic widget for this task, I resolve to keep up with this thing more better. And also, I resolve to make it into something of a food blog - I'm obsessed with them! My favorite tool of procrastinators is to read The Hungry Tiger and Toast and drool and copy/paste millions of recipes into my tidy little e-recipe program (freeware! Yum! That's its name!)

Um, my students are fine, I have a crush on William James (and also a plan to finish that damn paper - I'm going to combine it with a presentation in the James seminar) and also a teacher-crush on my 70 year old professor in that class (he's AWESOME, I will say no more) and my Gura class is pretty good too. I find the Puritans oddly charming - they're not nearly as grim as I had thought. They're actually sort of utopian, although political realities knocked that out of the box pretty quickly.

My students...well, they run the gamut from "awesome" (one kid, when asked what popular culture sells, said "ideas". Well, let's just go ahead and sign you up for some 300 level seminars, kid) to apathetic, disaffected, and maybe even kind of dumb. (not many of those, though. I think it's going to be good.)

But godDAMN, it takes a long time to do ANYTHING for that class. Like read/check the plagiarism exercises.

More later! I promised!!


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