Sunday, August 28, 2005

Lesson planning is ONE of the circles in hell.

Good lord. I've already put in SO MUCH WORK on these goddamn lesson plans and I still have SO MUCH MORE to do! So today we went to the baseball game. I couldn't look at my syllabus for another minute.

Made Rice Krispie Treats for the orientation lunch tomorrow and scraped out the pot - mmm, yum. I don't think I've had those things since I was about 12 (and yes, they are as good as you remember.)

1. There was a chubby little toddler beside us at the game and he kept solemnly handing us this ... noisemaking toy, and then equally solemnly taking it back.
2. There was a baseball-obsessed kid behind us (keeping stats in the program). When Wool E. Bull drove around the infield in a tiny stock car (!) and threw souvenir balls into the stands, Heather caught one. The kid just walked up to her and stuck out his hand, without saying anything. Highway robbery (of course she gave it to him.)
3. I was hung over today. I could not stop drinking margaritas last night. I drank them before we went out, I drank them while we were out, and I drank them after we got home. I even drank the rest of Jinsher's when she couldn't finish it. I felt like doody for most of the morning (what do you expect, dummy?)


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