Sunday, September 18, 2005


Well, Andrew came over for breakfast yesterday and I ended up cooking even though I had a presentation due. (grrr - can you tell?) We had oeufs en cocotte with rosemary and parmesan, cheese grits with a dash of cream, sausage, and toast. Mmmm.

Then we drank those addictive margaritas while Ken was over recording vocals later - and several Belgian beers - and then I went to a housewarming party at Leslie's. So today I feel a smidge crappy. My head still hurts (no coffee yesterday, for some reason) so I just drank a big cup of tea with no noticeable effect.

And I still have to finish my presentation. Maybe later I'll go to Thrift World with Jamie - that will cheer me up. (i THINK it will cheer me up.) Maybe I just need a nap and a shot of seratonin?


P.S. Later - not so blah. Leftover ziti with ham and spinach and a couple of bites of Callebaut dark chocolate and three (!) blackberry muffins later, my hangover seems to have abated. (Also, I have done not jack shit productive but sit around and read the Julie/Julia project from the beginning all day. Fuck a presentation.)


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