Monday, September 26, 2005

pizza hut clones.

R made pizza hut clone breadsticks, dipping sauce, and meat lovers' pizza last night. They were all AWESOME except that the breadsticks were a little dry - you make a normal dough with oregano and garlic powder in it (we used part whole wheat flour too) and then make a topping out of garlic powder, parmesan, oregano, etc. and brush them with olive oil and then top with the shakey stuff - but it needed more olive oil. Probably be better to make a paste out of the olive oil and other stuff and press it on top.

But dayum the sauce was good - we make kickass marinara but pizza sauce always leaves something to be desired - I decided that what we're missing is the inauthenticity factor. So we used a large can of crushed tomatoes and a small can of tomato paste and oregano and italian seasoning (like, a shitload of them) and about a tablespoon of sugar...and garlic powder. And yep, that was it - it really did taste like pizza sauce instead of pasta sauce.

And then he covered it up in cheese and italian sausage and mushrooms and onions and pepperoni. Yum, yum. (Fuck you, arteriosclerosis.)


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