Sunday, July 15, 2007


(Title: so corny. But I can't help myself.)

We had a throw-together dinner from some of our farmer's market yummies. I had some leftover roasted peppers from something else, and I sliced japanese eggplants and zucchini longways, and an onion into thick slices. I slathered it all in olive oil with italian herbs and salt and grilled them up. I grilled some chicken breasts, and topped the grilled veggie stack with about 1.5 oz goat cheese, then put the chicken breasts on top. The goat cheese got all melty (yum, warm goat cheese is the BEST. If you haven't put it in an omelet yet, you are missing out!) and it was a great contrast between the charred crispy almost bitter edges and the creamy soft middles. So good.

And I baked a HUGE loaf of sourdough that I'm having a hard time keeping my mitts off of right now.


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