Saturday, June 23, 2007

Zuni Roast Chicken and Bread Salad

This recipe is a pain in the ass, but it's good. The bread salad is SERIOUSLY good. (I started too late to dry-brine the chicken as long as the instructions...well, instruct - so the chicken was just a normal amount of good.) But the directions are really, really hard to follow and verbose - I think I'll paraphrase it myself for next time I make it (and there will be a next time,) because it was really hard to follow. We did take pictures, but it will take a couple of days to get the pictures here, I think - they're on the fancy camera, which has to be downloaded to my husband's computer, and you can imagine how high priority THAT is.

Also, yummy sangria - we bought a box of wine (! yes! Box! And it's not bad! It's "The Black Box" cab and it's really not bad at all!) and made sangria with it. Bottle of wine, 1/4 cup Grand Marnier, 1/2 cup sugar/water simple syrup, 1 each sliced orange/lemon/lime (with end slices heated with the simple syrup) - macerate it all in the wine for a while (1 hr was plenty for us) and serve over ice with about 1/2-1 cup fizzy water, depending on how "light" you want it to taste. Next time I might squeeze in the juice of one more orange, but it's TASTY. Adapted from Je Mange la Ville (I always love her stuff - she's one of my faves!!) and the Cook's Illustrated version.


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We were really into sangria last year. We made it with vodka and often used frozen berries and mangoes. Yummy. I also make a virgin sangria punch for the kids with ginerale and juice and fruit which they love.

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