Saturday, December 17, 2005

Home alone.

I made the most beautiful sourdough baguettes today - I used the King Arthur classic sourdough recipe and let the sponge work overnight in the refrigerator as per Nancy Silverton's advice - then I let the dough rise all day on the counter, where it is cold (we're keeping the house at 65 for the power savings, so I think that counts as a cool rise, don't you?) and then again for 3 more hours after I formed the loaves.

I didn't spray them with water or do any of the steam-creating techniques but man were they good!! The crumb was incredibly tender and buttery and deliciously sour, the crust was a little chewy but not overly so - we ate one whole baguette hot from the oven with nothing but butter. Uber-yum. (Robert was pissed off at the bread, though, because it was a two-day process and he's impatient - but once he tasted it he changed his tune.)

So I'm sitting here by myself on a Saturday night, skipping a fabulous 60's Christmas party, because Robert is playing his last show with Walrus tonight and I don't want to go without him. So I rented Spongebob Christmas, James adn the Giant Peach, and Last Days (fictionalized biopic of Kurt Cobain.) And I am damn well going to make myself a cocktail with the limoncello I have curing in the utility room.


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