Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Almost done

with the semester - one more long essay to get in (that SAME one I've been stressing over since last spring.) But it's coming out good. It's got an awful lot going on, but I *think* I can pull it together.

We're watching Edward Scissorhands right now - I've never seen it before, but it's a good cozy winter night before Christmas movie, sez my husband. So far, so awesome. It makes me want a topiary. Our neighbors down the street have a little teapot topiary with a leetle cup topiary right beside it.

I couldn't stop eating all day today. I made a healthy-ish version of eggs florentine for brekkie - i briefly sauteed some fresh spinach in olive oil and stirred in some really good young, soft French goat cheese, then poached a couple of eggs and toasted a slice of homemade wheat and honey bread. Then for lunch we made a pizza with some eggplant and pappers and zucchini and onions that I had roasted yesterday evening, and threw on some ricotta and mozzarella - that was pretty awesome.

I was writing all day and I'm kind of bummed out and lazy tonight, so I threw together a quick fennel and potato soup, to use up the fennel and the chicken stock which were languishing in the refrigerator. Very soothing and warming. (If you want the recipe it's on epicurious - I don't know how to make the linky. I wonder if that worked? If anybody ever happens to read this post, and you know how to html a link, let me know, huh?

Um, soon comes the holiday baking and cooking frenzy - we're doing gift baskets this year. There's limoncello mellowing in the laundry room, we're making lemon curd and lime marmalade, and some kind of chutney (not sure whether I want to do mango or pineapple - I guess it depends on what Costco has a lot of when we go next week.) And we'll tuck in recipes and a couple of little bags of cookies and homemade crackers in each one. Don't you wish you were friends with us?

So I turn in the essay on Saturday to both profs and then I'm DONE! I turned in my grade rolls today - most of my kids got what they deserved, although some of them disagree. (I had two that were 0.6 points away from an A, and they were disappointed.) And I'm honestly not sure some of the didn't get slightly HIGHER grades than they deserved, but whatever.

I'm co-teaching a really COOL english 12 next semester with Melissa and Leslie - we're working with the Center for Healthy Student Behaviors people - it's going to be a service learning course where the kids are doing research on nutrition among the freshmen. It will rock! I'm actually kind of excited about it!

Um, that's all. I'm posting more from now on, btw. I'm going to uninstall and reinstall my widget so all will be peachy and easy again!


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