Sunday, October 30, 2005

Done with the pig.

with the pig picking. I tell you what, that is a sucky job - and of course we forgot a bunch of little stuff (spoons being the main thing) and a bunch of little things went wrong. But overall, it turned out great - exactly how we hoped it would. Beautiful day, good food, lots of people, relaxed and relaxing - all we could have hoped. Notes to self: next time DO NOT volunteer to spend the coldest night so far camped out in the back of the minivan. That played a large part in my woes. Another note to self: Todd and Jill were AWESOME hosts. We really didn't want them to have to do any work at all, but they did tons and made it so much better than it otherwise would have been. They were amazing, and they made us feel so comfortable having to spend practically the entire weekend over there (that could have been REALLY awkward with another professor.)

Overall: A. But I am TIRED. And I found out that I have a gift for cooking the pig. (EIther that, or it's just really really easy.)


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