Friday, April 29, 2005

I forgot.

Something funny happened in my seminar on Monday. It was the last day of class, and I'm not going to be at the last class dinner because I'll be TRAINING FOR MY NEW FIRST REAL JOB FOR THREE WHOLE WEEKS UP IN BIG-CITY BETHESDA MARYLAND ALL BY MY LONESOME. So they were never going to see me again, probably. So the professor says, "Why don't we all just take a minute to celebrate Heath?" And they did. As much wild applause as you could hope for from a room partially filled with eleven non-drunk graduate students.

I basked. It's the little moments, you know?

Also, I got drunk last night at my OTHER professor's house. Good thing i like her. I was a little hung over for our meeting today.

Also, apparently there is a beach band playing across the street from me. In my little, quiet, SO not beach neighborhood. Right now they're playing "how sweet it is to be loved by you."


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