Wednesday, April 27, 2005

But he was an opium junkie, so...

Up since 5:30. Have ingested much tea. In fact, am feeling kind of geeked. But I am closing in on Laud. Man, I never knew that Coleridge was such a religious firebrand! He says things like this about poor old Laud all the time:

“O Heavens! what a Leash of Patron Saints have the Tory Clergy fixed on for the Anglican Church!...Archbishop Laud, the St. Dominic of the semi-Protestant High Church, the vindictive, hot-headed, narrow-minded, superstitious Bigot – who having sacrificed the peace and prosperity of the Realm to his Monkish Follies, and kindled the flames of Civil War in three Kingdoms, died remorseless with a self-approving Conscience.”

Burn! I guess he told you, Laud!

More tea. Must....have.....more.....tea. (And maybe a bagel!)


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