Friday, April 15, 2005

Scary! Scary new things!

Good Lord. I am so not a grown-up. Today I drove to Bethesda, Maryland for a job interview and it just about killed me. (I'm all luxuriously spread on on ONE of the big old beds in this hotel room. Ahhhh, no Robert hogging the middle of the bed and snoring and farting - I can get behind that for one night.) (More than one night, though - no.)

Back to the terror. I've driven in cities and stuff before - I drove all over New York when I was 21 (but I was dumber then, I think), and I can get around Atlanta fine - but man, the drive up I-95 is hellacious. It's incredibly confusing, and traffic-cone-y, and all CHANGE LANES NOW! THIS IS NO LONGER A LANE! And everybody else is all big-city driving. No good. I'm all tense and numb now. (GOD, the worst part of all was figuring out the goddamn parking garage under the hotel! It's like a cave where they age blue cheese or hide explosives a la Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. All small and twisty and dark and you can't park on THIS level, and hotel guests park HERE, NO NOT THERE, OVER HERE! And then it costs $12 a night, even if you're staying at the hotel!)

I'm a total weenie. I'm pretty much not good at anything I'm not already good at. I'm a shaky girly girl when I'm in a situation that I haven't mastered fully yet. In fact, I'm starting to wonder if I'm slightly agoraphobic. If I've worked there for a while, or lived there for a while, or gone to school there for a while, I'm a blithe spirit. But toss me in a new situation and I'm small and mousy and frightened. Maybe this is why I didn't go through the job-hunting process after I graduated from college - new stuff, ick.

Hey, I'm 35 years old. If I can't handle this now I'm...well, that would be extremely lame. So, off to conquer Bethesda, Maryland! (Thank God the interview is just across the street tomorrow - no more navigating till time to go to Meredith's.)


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