Saturday, April 23, 2005

Does anybody want to talk about...

Archbishop William Laud and the Oxford Movement? Here's what I'm thinking. I'm thinking that Abp Laud, while vilified and reviled in his own time (up to and long after his death - people were probably scared to stick up for him for a good long spell) actually, you know, got a little bit recuperated in the 19th century, what with the Romantics and then the Oxford Movement. Plus we know how all those guys loved to look back on the Good Old Days before...well, I guess before the 18th century. (Who wouldn't want to skip over the 18th century, if they could. Bleah.) And so, I have to find some 19th century references to him - it can't ALL be based on drawing inferences b/t what HE thinks and what the OM guys think. That's played.

No takers? Well, then, how about a rousing discussion about performativity in the Turn of the Screw, and how it's totally influenced by James's playwrighting and theater-criticking? (And while you're at it, let's run over how it's related to the acting theories of William Archer and the psychophysiological theory of emotion of brother William. I'm a little unclear on that part.)

And yes, I know that 'criticking' isn't a word. And if it IS a word, that's probably not how it's spelled.

Feel free to weigh in up until April 29th. Sigh.

(In better news, I did get a shitload done on my presentation on female purposive exercise in the 19th and early 20th centuries!! PowerPoint can suck me!)


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