Sunday, January 15, 2006


It's beautiful out today, cold and windy and bright bright sun in a really high up blue sky. The perfect day for a monstrous (and monstrously needed!) spring cleaning. Robert dusted EVERYTHING in the living room, cleaned windowsills and baseboards, moved everything and vacuumed behind it (with smelly carpet sprinkles, natch!). We took down the Christmas ornaments and rearranged some. I scrubbed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees (with a kitchen scrubby sponge - apparently we used the actual scrub brush for some project that I suspect involved car tires and it's nowhere to be found.) I also cleaned the bathroom right down to the shine, as they say in commercials.

All that's left is to finish drying and put back up the shower curtains, and then finish the laundry and the bedroom. (Of course, then I need to tidy my office, and at some point I have to wash out the kitchen cabinets, but that's labor for another day.)

I need to do reading most of the day - I also need to do a couple of errands and head the library to pick up some books for the semester, but Robert has a student coming at 4:00 and I don't want to go by myself. Maybe I'll read a while and then go out and do errands and spend tomorrow in the library (even though it's MLK day - I *think* the library will be open.....)

I'm boring today, I know. (Most days, really.) I made this odd hybrid spinach alfredo pasta for dinner last night with every kind of cheese known to man - odds and ends of blue cheese, havarti, sharp cheddar, asiago, and goat cheese. With lots of spinach and chunks of ham. I baked it with garlic breadcrumbs atop, and it was darned good for using-up-leftovers food!


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