Saturday, January 07, 2006

Surprise snowfall.

This morning we awoke in the cold half-light of dawn covered in a snowfall of feathers. The seam of one of the down comforters had split during the night and feathers were everywhere - in our hair, clinging to our pajamas, drifting in the sheets, eddying in every corner of the room. We had to go outside and shake ourselves off, shake the bedding out (leaving, of course, the offending item outside!) - and now I have to wash ALL the clothes (that's what I get for leaving clean laundry sitting around in the basket, and leaving dirty jeans and socks on the floor!) We've vacuumed once already and we might have to do it again when all is said and done.

And my head hurts, and I don't know why, and tea didn't help. And also, it's cold in here. I'm curled up under a whole bed-comforter in my reading chair, with a hot water bottle in my lap, and I'm finally getting warm. My hands were numb!

We have so much stuff in the fridge to use up (and we need to make space in there!) - tons of fresh spinach (like 4 lbs worth), some beef, some chicken stock (I can totally freeze that, but I think all my freezer containers are in use right now), and still a ton of heavy cream. And a pot of white beans cooked in smoked turkey stock. Any suggestions, anyone?


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