Monday, December 19, 2005

Today's our 2 year dating anniversary (1 year wedding anniversary is in 5 days!). I spent most of it cooking and piddling around on the internet and sleeping - but we also drank a bottle of some Spanish cava rose (999? I'll look when I get up) and it was weird but good. Tasted like bubbly red wine. Also we are working on another song for the Christmas record - we are doing "White Christmas" sort of Ramones-y. So we were rocking out in the kitchen together. (He's recording the guitar track right now.....shhhhhh!)

Dinner was quick b/c of all the other stuff going on - a kale and fontina and garlic/shallot/pesto pizza. Oh man was the crust crispy - the roof of my mouth feels like I've been eating Captain Crunch. It was really good, but I think that 500 is too high. I think about 450 or 475 is the highest we can go without ending up with matzo pizza.

Happy Anniversary to us! 2 years ago tonight we were eating shrimp in front of the fire at Robert's old house, playing Scrabble, drinking MUCH wine (making a wine run dressed up in old Halloween costumes at 9 pm!! I wore the tiger suit!) and then smooching like crazy. I love you, honey!


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