Monday, December 19, 2005

Good morning!

Mmmmm - I slept in this morning until about 11:00. I actually woke up about 9:00 when Robert's mom called about something, but I was right in the middle of an interesting dream, so I buried my head under a pillow and shut out the noise. (I wanted to find out what happened to that fish. Not to worry, he un-beached himself when the tide came in!) I woke up much later, and looked out the little chunks of window I can see from the bed over my grandma's white cafe curtains embroidered with little birds and flowers, and the sky was so blue. Not that whitish washed-out blue from summer, but that deep periwinkle/cornflower blue that means it's really winter now. And the tree limbs (which, oddly, still have most of their leaves on them) were all golden against the sky, and it was glorious. And the covers were very, very warm and heavy, and I wiggled my toes underneath them and looked out at that sky and thought about my fish dream. And then I got up.

And we made zucchini and squash hashbrowns (they're still not perfect - I'll tell you about them when they are!) and steamed kale and omelets filled with the leftover shrimp from the shrimp and grits yesterday.

And now I'm sitting here drinking strong sweet English Breakfast tea and chatting with you, internet. And today I get to plan a small dinner for friends that come tomorrow, and start leisurely prep. I will tell you about it later once I decide exactly.


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