Monday, November 24, 2008


ok, you guys, i have been SO busy with school that i haven't posted in ages (no cooking, no fun being had, no wit or whimsy here - only emerson quotes.) but now i'm DONE and i PASSED and i'm OFFICIALLY ABD!!

so now i'm teaching myself to sew. i got a fab sewing machine and so far have made A a pair of pants from an old hoodie that i never wore (i'm trying to refashion old clothes to keep me away from the fabric whore mindset, but boy is it hard!) and i'm working on a rag doll for him for xmas. i'm also learning to knit at the same time. (i really really don't want to study anything for a while, can you tell??)

anyway, i've been obsessively reading sewing blogs and one of my favorites is having a fabulous giveaway here. go check it out and enter! (and look for pictures of the stuff i've been doing any day now!!)