Wednesday, November 01, 2006

OK, I guess I'm back.

I stopped posting, not because I died or pregnancy debilitated me or I stopped eating, but because I got suddenly paranoid after reading about how academic hiring committees have rejected candidates based on (very personal) things the candidates chose to share on their blogs that the committees would otherwise have had no way of knowing. Not that I think a hiring committee would decide I'm not the candidate for them based on my predilection for having my husband take pictures of our dinner, but it seemed like it was better to be safe than to be preemptively dooced.

But I've decided that this is an innocuous pastime, and I'm going to come back to it. It's a great record for me of things I've cooked and whether I loved or hated them. And I have so much time on my hands now that the kidlet is here (that's a joke, people) that I NEED a hobby. And I am way more motivated to cook interesting things when I'm publicly accountable in some strange self-imposed way.

So I decided I just won't talk about school or work or anything else remotely connected to anything professional - and hey, if I don't get an academic job, perhaps I can put it on my application to culinary school. (Which, by the way, I would NEVER want to be a chef in a restaurant - I've worked in way too many restaurants over the years to romanticize that job.)

So - hi again, peoples of the internet!

(And a warning - Senor Smallpants seems to dislike any dairy or chocolate in my diet, and I pay for it in the coin of lost sleep and self-hatred while he cries and writhes in gas pain, so...I'm working with a limited palette here while I'm breastfeeding, people.) (And I love the products of the cow, so I'm really sad about it - I don't think I could cut out dairy for my own health, but I can do it for his. Perhaps this is the diet wave of the future - cause physical pain to the dieter's loved ones every time the person cheats on his diet. VERY FEW CHEATS would happen, I guarantee it.)