Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year! We went to Costco and spent $140 and then $70 at Whole Foods, so I think that we're pretty much set for a week or so. (Jesus, I hope so!) Many many treats in store this week (so glad that I can cook to my heart's content with no school for a week!) (Also, we rented SIX movies!)

Tonight we had some plain old shrimp as an appetizer, with cocktail sauce and remoulade sauce (we've been indulging a lot lately, and some lean protein sounded delicious) and I'm making Stephen Cooks's wild mushroom lasagne for dinner (with a dried cranberry/walnut/spinach salad and a tangerine vinaigrette) and crusty baguette on the side. (Of course, we also bought a bottle of chardonnay, which we've already drunk, and TWO bottles of champagne!) (Boy, there was a crush around the champagne aisle in Costco today!)


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